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The Team

Our team members are listed below, but to email any one of them please place their first name in front of   @mcduffaccountants.com.

We have had to remove email addresses from inside the web site due to the spam robots making our email server go ballisitic!

Also I cannot figure out why people who I do not know in a country I have never been too think that I will buy a drug or a genuine Rolex watch from them and think that I have done a good deal. How do these guys know "willies" needs enlarging or that I need a groovy watch?


Peter McDuff                    Principal (Note no principles though)

Leanne McDuff                 Reception, ITWV & Audit Insurance

Dolly                               Peter's female Boxer

Dexter                             Annoying Bischon Frise that is apparently very cute & lovely

Pondo                              Fictional Office Mascot


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